PyLadies: Getting together(again), Web API in Python3

The Reboot that happened for the Pune chapter started small. It is therefore, heartening to see new faces for our regular meetups as much as it is energizing to meet the regular ones. I try and drag my husband to the meetups whenever possible. Frankly, it doesn’t take much effort as he gets to meet his friend too.

Anwesha graciously introduced everyone to everyone 🙂

This meetup was supposed to start with a small demo by me on real-life applications of Python. My current project is my daughters battery-operated toy. I am trying to make it, well, smarter by replacing its existing controller with a raspberry pi. However, my daughter was mortified when she saw her “Cookie” all opened up and took it away from me. So I need to come up with better tricks to lay my hands on her toy without her knowing it and changing it for the better (better for me, of course!) I ended up giving a description of what I am trying to do. Also, discussed a few other automation ideas I have and where to get the components from.

Next was going to be Trishna‘s workshop on “Using Web API in Python3”. I had already heard so much about her from everyone that I was really excited and looking forward to attend her workshop. She didn’t disappoint one bit. Not only had she come prepared with a great problem statement, she also brushed up on Python basics for us beginners. She introduced the requests module before we took a break for lunch.

The problem she wanted us to work on was to use the ZOMATO API and come up with a list of Chinese food joints around our location. Now who would not like that – food that too chinese food 😀 She coded along with us as we worked on the problem. It was a great workshop, where we understood each term that we typed. We were all set to explore the API on our own.

All in all, it was a great day 🙂

Anwesha has put out a request for blogs from all participants and we need to come up with our next meetup date.