Pyladies Pune: Reboot

It takes expertise, patience AND luck to get people together for a cause and organising a technical event gets all these skills to the fore, as I observed today.

I attended the PyLadies Pune Chapter today. Today was an re-introductory session to infuse life into the group of women python-lovers in the city. The event is open to everyone.

The day started with an introduction from the very-cool-lawyer Anwesha. She introduced PyLadies to us newbies in an uncomplicated and clear manner.

The next session was by Kushal, who showed pictures from PyCon 2015 and told us backstories for each of his amazing clicks. Each story was amazing, tracing the journey of people associated with Python. It gave us a glimpse of the vibrant community in all its glory as also the depth and breadth of Python in the industry.

He left us with a mind-blowing keynote from PyCon 2016 by TwoBraids (K Lars Lohn).

I watched the video with bated breath. The presentation style, the way the speaker got his content together, the simplicity with which he explained  concepts and the entertainment value of the entire video was totally, well, paisa-vasool(it means “worth it”, for lack of an equivalent phrase in the English language)

Post-lunch session we learnt and practiced the basics of python. Very interesting for yours truly, sharpening her slightly rusted skill set.

Post the basics of Python session we had a very interactive planning session for the next event. Many ideas for next events were exchanged. The ones I remember are listed below-

  1. More workshops – advanced level workshops
  2. Hackathons
  3. Bug traiging – solve real world problems
  4. Lightning talks by all members about what-they-learnt-new

Overall the response to today’s event was good, the original PyLadies started with lesser members you know. It was heartening to see pythonistas, irrespective of gender, working towards reviving the group.

General feedback and lessons learnt can be summarised as follows –

  1. Advertise the event more so as to include more enthusiasts
  2. Plan the sessions more effectively

A fairly intellectual way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but definitely worth your while 🙂

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